Mr.N.Johal  (President)

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Our Resonsibilities

  • President :
  • Generally controlling the association, protecting the interests of all memebers and enforcing all the regulations.Final say on matters.

  • Vice - President :
  • Must contact various guest speakers from DIA and MSA Local Councils,Police and Road markings Authorities,etc.

  • Secretary :
  • Must send all letters regarding meeting and functions to all members.Write letters to all non-members to request to join the Association.

  • Treasurer :
  • Must keep account of all the monies received and spent.Must prepare statment on an annual basis and make available to each member wishing to inspect.

  • Education/General Adviser :
  • His job is to advise everyone in the interest of the Association.Keep record of minutes in the meeting and gather information regardin ADI matters.

  • General Election :
  • There will be a general Election every two years.The first such election is to be held on 30 may 1992.Members will be informed 10 days in advance about the election date and each contestant should at least be nominated by one full member.

  • Election Procedure :
  • A person can stand for one post only,but may be nominated for various posts.At least 50% of members must be present otherwise election will be postponed.Elected President can stay so long as majority of members keep electing Him/her.

  • Proposals :
  • Proposal received from members sholud be discussed at the Committee Meeting first, and if they help to improve the image of the association sholud be adopted and a majority vote should take place at the General Meeting.

    Mr. N. Johal

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