Mr.N.Johal  (President)

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Purposes and Objects of Association

To improve the standard of driving instructors and thereby improving the teaching standards.

Improve road safety by making everyone more aware of road procedures.

Improving the general awareness of Highway Codes so that less accidents occur.

Involving local Council Road Safety Officers and provide various booklets and leaflets to everyone involved in teaching and also learning to drive.

Involving local Council Road Marking Departments so that the places with inadequate or unsuitable road marking be changed to more suitable markings.

Improving the General Price structure in the area so that every Driving Instructor could enjoy a better living standard.

Persuading more Driving Instructors to join the Association to form a greater body.

Providing training to sub-standard ADI's for the check test purposes.

Having a bigger say in the Department of transport about making new rules and regulations affecting Driving Instructors.

Co-operating with various bigger Associations and inviting their Chairman/President etc to our meetings as guest speakers so that our members can learn more about running proper business and pricing etc.

Co-operating with the local Police to crack down on illegal Driving Instructors or so as to say unqualified Instructors.

Providing training facilities for ADI Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3 courses.

Getting the Association recognised by the Driving Standard Agency,Nottingham.

Holding regular meeting with Supervising Examiners, L-TEST Examiners regional Manager from booking office so that any complaints, enquiries and future changes could discussed.

From time to time the Association should arrange trips to Cardington Driving Centre where all examiners are trained.

The Association's name must be publicised in local newspapers,national newspapers or on radio/television etc.

Negotiating with local car delears and petrol pumps and Insurance companies etc.

Mr. N. Johal

Mr. D. Johal

Mr. Anil Kumar

Mr. H. Sehra

Mr. Ravi Suman